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Indentifying Year of 322 with out serial tag

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I was looking at a John Deere 322 recently and it is missing the serial tag on the side. I was wondering if I can possibly find the year it was made with the engine serial tag, or at least get close to the serial number if someone else has a close engine serial number? Anyway the engine serial is: CH30220006612 any one have a 322 with an engine serial number close to this one?
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Here is a thread that might help -- after I went through the steps with Deere customer service that could 'reverse trace' from my engine number I found that it was actually a 1988 model year with an updated carburetor...

The nugget in this thread is the post from Bob Lindel:
I had the same problem as you. Send an email to John Deere Customer Contact center at [email protected]

Tell them you have a 322 and include the engine serial #. They responded to me in a few days with my tractor serial #.

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Attached here is a partial thread of my exchanges with Deere Customer Service in August of 2010 when I tracked down my missing serial number info. I think there is a letter embedded in the Yanmar serial number after the 3022 sequence and you would need to include that.
discovering serial number from engine number.pdf (15 k)

Here is a page shot of the CTM3 engine tag number conventions and from that I would believe that the letter following the 3022 must be a "G" for the 322's gasoline fueled engine. A valid engine number should have 13 characters in total:

CH3022Gnnnnnn where the nnnnnn is the sequential number of the engine as manufactured

engine serial number tag parsing from CTM3.pdf (28 k)

So Jimmy, perhaps the first "0" following the 3022 in your posted number is actually a "G" ??

Doug -- are you leaving the letter out of your numbers, as they are just 12 characters long?

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Maybe you guys can post photographs of your serial number plates from your engines...??
Just for completeness and as a further reference, here is a typical diesel engine tag showing the "D" that follows the four digit engine designation and precedes the 6 digit sequence number. This is from a Gator engine...

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Re-contact them with the "G" in the sequence and see if you have better success...

Also note the following, the second PDF attachment I posted above specifically says:
NOTE: The engine serial number plate can be
easily destroyed. Before “hot tank”
cleaning the block, remove the plate or
record the information elsewhere.

...so be careful on how you clean that area...

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