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Indentifying Year of 322 with out serial tag

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I was looking at a John Deere 322 recently and it is missing the serial tag on the side. I was wondering if I can possibly find the year it was made with the engine serial tag, or at least get close to the serial number if someone else has a close engine serial number? Anyway the engine serial is: CH30220006612 any one have a 322 with an engine serial number close to this one?
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I have a 91 322 engine # CH3022013048 and another 91 322 engine # CH3022013276
Ok, I guess I need reading glasses,as I DID miss the G on both tractors after CH3022.
I had to go double check.
soo: CH3022G013048 and CH3022G013276 are the engine #s
M00322X100528 and M00322X100732 are the Tractor #s
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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