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Intro on my project 317

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Hello guys! Just wanted to introduce myself and my new project 317.

It's a 1980 model and has been repowered with a Kohler Magnum 18hp motor at some point so I guess I have avoided the headaches with the 17hp Kohler motors that they came with.

It is currently not running and there are some issues that need to be resolved to get it running.
1. Starter (I can handle)
2. Solenoid (I can handle)
3. the CV's in the drive shaft are shot (Can this be rebuilt or do I have to replace the whole shaft?)
4. PTO clutch? needs to be replaced in the mule drive (Not sure what I'm doing there but will try to get it running before I look at it)
Of course I'm gonna go ahead and replace the oil in the engine and hydrostatic drive before I get going.

I appreciate your patience while I try to muddle through this project and look forward to yall's post.

Thanks, Zack
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Hi Zach,
Welcome to the group. I can see how you will be spending the summer... Here are some comments and pointers.
Starter and solenoid: it is very common to have connection problems, wire breaks, bad key switch or pto switch, key switch wiring harness corrosion, etc. in the circuit feeding the solenoid. Are the battery and cables good? Have you verified a bad starter or solenoid with direct/bypass connections? Here is a recent thread with a 317 wiring diagram and solution of a related "starter" problem, http://www.wfmachines.com/discus/messages/17/10388.html#POST11325

Driveshaft: if a failing driveshaft is caught early, it may be repairable. However, most are too far gone, http://www.wfmachines.com/discus/messages/335/123791.html?1163820738

PTO clutch: Your pictures do not show a pto clutch on the tractor, nor a mule drive or mower deck. Have you already removed these?

Good luck,
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