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Is it compatible?

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Will this be able to replace the magnet to activate/deactivate the PTO clutch?
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That is the PTO brake, not the PTO. I have 2 1973 112’s which use the same electric PTO. I have an extra PTO , but not to interested in parting with it at this time. They are out there, may take some time to find one tho. Good luck!
View attachment 292414 JOHN DEERE 110 112 Electric Pto Clutch mount pivot | eBay plate goes in the circle, and the magnet mounts to the plate.
I’m a little confused at what you are looking for. First, does the PTO engage and disengage with the switch? The magnet that you show the eBay listing is just the PTO brake. As Ed stated that is not a necessary component to run tiller or mower deck. Its purpose is to stop the rotation of the PTO when the switch to the PTO is turned off. It is a separate device from the PTO although it works in conjunction with it. Neither of my 2 112’s has a functioning PTO brake and hasn’t for as long as I’ve owned them 30+ years.
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1 - 2 of 18 Posts