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Is It Powder Coated?

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I am trying to get what looked like old paint with huge rust spots off my '91 420. In the spots where it's rusted the paint comes off in in sheets. Everywhere else it is ridiculously thick, both MEC and green strippers wont TOUCH it. Mechanical means are the only way of making a dent in it but it's loud and all the darn paint dust is everywhere.

It is possible to be powder coated? Black primer? Peels up in rust spots, doesn't seem like a baked on finish. Is it just 35 coats of green? Both strippers will soften the paint but only to the amount that a metal putty knife will take it off, certainly not with the metal bristle brush I tried.

Any thoughts? Call the sandblaster?

- Mike
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your running into the same problem that most owners of late 80's and early 90's deere owners had, bad paint, or if i refer to john deeres' brochure better, i think they referred to it as electrostatically applied powder paint. I think that is what i seen in the brochure i have. but basically, it is like a powder coat and your right, tough as nails where it didn't rust through at. I think from what i've read is they had a number of bad years of primer.

I re-did a 332 a year ago and am finishing up a '90 420 right now, and they were both the same way. Only way i've dealt with it is sand blasting it, then building up the rust spots with primer or filler, then sanding it smooth before painting.

I did have a friend of mine remove the paint off of some 420 rims in a caustic acid tank where he works, and it removed the paint very well after being in there a week or so, but it does nothing for rust.

I wanted to remove the paint in order to avoid having to fill all of the depressions coming from sanding away the rust. Talk about a Catch-22. I also figured that if there is rust in 100 places that another 100 wouldn't be far behind. The paint on the hood support came off in 3 huge pieces!

An electrostatically applied finish? Isn't that exactly what powder coat is? The stuff must of been UV hardened (vs heat melted powder coat) because you can't chip it with a hammer! Around the same time they invented composite tooth fillings with that UV hardened epoxy

3M clean and strip and a knotty wire wheel and we're in business, its slow, load and dirty but oh well.

- Mike
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I know these pieces are very large, but why don't you ever hear about electrolysis being used in the garden tractor world? A lot of the antique tractor guys are using it for the small parts. I have even heard of guys getting big stock tanks and doing froze up engine.

As mentioned on a lot of auto body websites, Advance Auto carries Tal-Strip, in an aerosol can, in 5 minutes it was soft enough to take off with plastic spreader. A more liberal application with a brush would most likely have this coming off in sheets. I may still hit up the sandblaster tomorrow but at least I found something that worked...

- Mike
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