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Is this deck too far gone to repair?

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Me again....

Give me you brutal honest opinion. Is this 312 mower deck too far gone to repair? I thought about trying to basically cut out the whole top part of the deck and weld in new sheet metal. But I'm not sure how to make the spindles back in their original height position, because the original locations are recessed from the factory stamping. And as you can see there has already been lots of welding years ago. Any brutal thoughts/opinions?

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FWI that deck is very fixable, it will take time and tools.
My recommendation would be to find someone that has a junk deck and use for the replacement pieces. Have them cut out the pieces you need oversize so you have plenty to work with.

Run a straight edge from front to back and side to side and take measurements of the depth that the spindles are. THIS IS CRITICAL make a jig to hold the pieces your welding back in at the proper location.Spot weld it here and there to prevent warping it then finish up welding. If you only have a couple hours a day to work on it I would guesstimate about a week to repair.

The pieces Andre pointed out would be a great start to fixing that deck.

Whatever you do don't toss it because you'll need it for something eventually if you don't fix it
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