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Is this deck too far gone to repair?

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Me again....

Give me you brutal honest opinion. Is this 312 mower deck too far gone to repair? I thought about trying to basically cut out the whole top part of the deck and weld in new sheet metal. But I'm not sure how to make the spindles back in their original height position, because the original locations are recessed from the factory stamping. And as you can see there has already been lots of welding years ago. Any brutal thoughts/opinions?

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I have to agree that it could be fixed but is probably too far gone to be economically fixed. Unless your time is worth nothing and you have an unlimited supply of it.
Before you throw it away though I would torch off all the attachment points and the front corner roller points for sure. cut out big chunks and then grind back to the original size if you need them in the future. The deck that AJ is working to get does not have the front corner rollers and you could easily weld them on if you want.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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