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I bought a 2007 model x700 and it's exhaust smells like it is running way rich. Are there any adjustments that I can make, or is it going to have to go to the dealer?
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I own a 2007 X720 that i purchased from tractors and equipment out of Hernando MS. I have done some research on the web and everything I read says that the X700 is carbureted. The X720 is the next step up in the X700 line that offers fuel injection. If yours has a carb then you should be able to adjust it.
Most engines now days you cant adjust the carb mixture.

Might be something like the float level or dirty needle/seat though.
Hello WFM,
I just bought a nice original
110 and had a question about the variator/belt/tranny. It pulls fine in second on level ground but it feels like she is slipping when I go up a hill. It won't hardly pull its self in 3 and 4th gear. On a very steep hill in 2nd gear it I smell a small hint of burning belts. If I pull the variator all the way back in the vertical position it almost acts like a brake.
What do you guys think?
Does the variator need adjusting? If so what is the proper way to do it.
Thanks for the help
It is normal for the tractor to slow going up hills . The spring loaded variator compensates for increased loads to keep the engine running at steady rpms .

You should probably start by adjusting the variator but should also check belt condition . Do you have a repair manual ( a MUST in keeping these 30-50 yr old tractors running !)?
1. Put tractor in neutral & remove plug wire from spark plug .

2. Loosen large bolt (the one that takes a 3/4 socket) under variator handle .

3.Turn engine over (w/ignition switch) until clutch pedal rises . (Don't hold switch for more than about 5 sec ).

4.Tighten bolt using left hand to push downward on socket/bolt . Re-install plug wire .
the variator spring might be weak - allowing the variator to slip

you might need a new spring
part number M45274
cost at my Deere dealer is around $27.62
Two cents: The belts should be JD belts. When I picked up both my 112 and 214 I found that the previous owners had replaced belts with another brand. Lots of slipping and belt flapping. The JD belts fit and ride so much better over JD pulleys.
Thanks everyone
I'm going to tear into her tomorrow. I post up what I find.
Thanks and have a blessed day
Does it matter what position the Variator handle is in during the process?
Second notch from the front or 5th notch from the back is where the handle should be when adjusting the variator. Roger
I adjusted and it helped it out a ton but still slips when going up hill. Could I send someone a text picture message. There is a broke spring under her and am not sure where it goes. I'm thinking new belts on the slipping would make a world of difference
If it is sticking/hanging any @ all it can cause misadjustment. Start the engine and lift up on the brake/clutch pedal then cut off the engine. NOt sure why deere tells us we have to remove plug and use the starter motor. Can you accidently crank over said engine/start it while tightening that bolt down??

Obviously, do this as opposed to removing plug and turning engine over and over with the starter. Every-other step is same and do them in proper order.

The spring is adjustable, but all the adjustment in the world will not cure a pinched center hub. It must move free w/o hardly any wobble.( A worn out center hub bushing will move freely side to side but will not operate)

I have installed old/rusty variator clutch assemblies that work just fine as opposed to one that is polished and worn-out.
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