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The type codes listed in the current printing of SM2088 (section 10, group 5, page 3) are incomplete. The dating for that specific page is Nov-69 so any type codes that came out after that date were never listed in that particular document. According to JD literature that I have, type code T0655 indicated a model 112 with Hydraulic Lift, 10 hp Tecumseh, White, (1970-71). The engines ID tag confirms it has the HH100 (10 hp Tecumseh) and based on the tractors SN (per PC1081 introduction) places it as a 1970. Can see green overspray on the tractor's SN tag edges and a little white paint peeking out along the bottom edge which further confirms it likely started life as a patio model. Would be curious to know if some color other than green lies underneath the hood and if you have a textured patio seat pan.

As for the snowthrower, is it possible you missed the last digit on the type code? Reason being, type code E2101 would identify it as a model 37A with the description 38 in., White, (1970-71). PC1085 does not provide individual model year SN breakdowns for the model 37/37A but based on the low SN I would suspect it could also be a 1970 model year.

PS. From what I have seen, JD Type Codes were not necessarily assigned in sequential order, can jump randomly all over the place and often bear little to no resemblance to the equipments model number/equipment name. Additionally, JD's overall methodology for assigning Type Codes to their Consumer Products line appears to have had major refinements at the start of the 1966, 1975 and 1983 model years.
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