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JD 140 K321AS Dealer Rebuild price?

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I've had a 73' 140 for many years and the old engine finally needs a rebuild.

Does anyone have a ballpark figure of what the John Deere dealer will charge for a total rebuild?

Also, will it have some type of warranty if the dealer rebuilds it?

Thank you, J.Shaw
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If you look here recently there is a thread i started called "140 rebuild underway." I am doing a complete rebuild as you can see in the thread. I priced around and by far going to the dealer was the most expensive way to go. I searched more and found a more private but well known guy to do mine. Did a wonderful job and got everything including valves, piston, rod, ground crank, bored cylinder, ground valve seats, all new gaskets, etc., etc., for just under 450 bucks. I think the dealer was going to be up near 1,000. Might as well have gotten a new motor lol! Shop around a little because you can save money, but still have great quality.

Just my 2 cents...

Thank you Quinten for the advice.

I do know a younger fellow in his 40's that can rebuild about any kind of engine but I was concerned with warranty, correct parts etc.

Did you get the rebuild kit from the JD dealer? My old engine runs really good but has started using about 1/2 quart of oil after each hour of use.
The guy that did the rebuild said if there was any problems to come back and see him and they would figure it out. Thats why i went with him. All the parts that i used in the rebuild were Kohler. My thought is if the motor has lasted this long with those parts, i'm going to put the same new stuff back in it. There was a huge discussion here recently about non-Kohler parts. Some believe in them, some don't. I'm just the kind of guy that sleeps better at night knowing that the parts in my tractor are from the enigine builder themselves. But i can't see why saving some money with some aftermarket stuff is wrong because, for example, people put Edlebrock carbs on 350's all the time. It's not GM but the ones i've heard run da** good lol. Keep us posted!

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