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JD 165 - Best way to get the rear wheels off?

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On my JD 165 Hydro, I'm hearing some bearing noise which I believe is coming from the rear wheels. Both are frozen to the axle. What's the best method for freeing them?
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PB Blaster and your local hardware store.....just keep soaking them in it.....then tap with a rubber hammer
Thanks...I give it a shot.
SAL welcome ,you might want to try a puller ,or go to a machine shop and have them pressed off .and as long as your their ,have the new ones pressed on. David
I had a 175 that I ended up drilling two holes in the wheels on either side of the hub so that I could use a puller on them. They still were a pain to get off. Once you get them off clean up the axles real good and coat them with anti seize.
Hi guys, we got an unusual engine oil leak in a GT 235. Oil leaks at the filter base, we removed it thinking that the filter was damaged but a new filter didn't help at all. This is the Briggs Vangard 18 Hp. engine by the way. Any ideas? It leaks even when the engine sits overnite. Do we need to silicone the rubber gasket? Thanks, Fred
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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