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JD 212 rear axle leak

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I bought a 48" front blade for a late model John Deere that I thought would fit my son in law's GT262. The product identification number is M03480X030468. He picked up the blade and I thought for sure it would fit but he is telling me in won't. I have two questions, one, will this blade fit his tractor? And two, what will it fit? Adam
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Here are a couple of FAQs that will help. First shows you how to find a particular attachment using JD Parts.


Second is a compatibility chart(s):

The first one shows you how to use the Parts Catalog to access the Product Identification guide and how to find an attachment there and how to identify what it fits. It will also give you the parts catalog number.

The second one is just charts showing what fits what.
Thanks Terry, looks like the blade might fit if his serial number is under 45001. Cool blade, I hope I can make it work even if we would have to switch a few parts around. The blade is brand new and has never been used. Adam
Sorry I couldn't give the direct answer this morning, but I was headed out the door to meet another WFM member, who was buying my '65 110. I just had time to put up those links. Sorry I couldn't have given a more direct response.
I am working on a JD212 and have a leak at the rear axle. Do I have to split the case or can I work on it from the outside?
no you do not have to open the case
sometime it is best to remove the transaxle from the tractor - easier to work on

remove the hub - which has a C-clip
after you got the hub off then remove the axle tube (#14)
the seal (#28) is part of (#29) which you can remove

you should replace the O-ring (#30) if bad

you can download the manual for the transaxle
from [URL="http://www.wfmfiles.com/"]http://www.wfmfiles.com/[/URL] go down to Tecumseh section

good luck and have fun
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Lary - When you pull out the seals look at the axle when the seal rides. During my rebuild the axles were so worn that new seals would never seal. I had to replace with new axles which requires to open case.
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