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The Powerflows made specifically for the 46" decks are not too common, at least on 200 series tractors. My Powerflow unit came off of a 140 and I had to buy the bracket that mounts it to the rear of my 210. Everything else hooked right up and works good. That being said, the 46" Powerflow from a 140 or a CLOSED-FRAME 300 series tractor (300, 312, 314, 316 Kohler, 317) will work on your 216. If you cannot find one, your best bet is to find a Powerflow blower/fan assembly and chute for a 46" deck, and then buy the hopper/bagger post assembly separate. The hopper/post assembly is the same one used on the STX, LX, Scotts, Sabres, and many newer models of tractors.

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