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JD 300, 54" plow, 33 Tiller, 3pt Hitch, Integral Hitch, Rear PTO, Lift Bar, Extender

Selling equipment that I do not use that much.

Located in SW PA

300 Tractor that was mainly used to garden and snow plowing. No mower deck or mule drive.
When I got the tractor in 2011 the first thing that happened was the engine lost compression.
I gave that away and decided to put in a Vanguard 18 HP.

The tires are only a year old

The tractor has hydraulics hoses for rear 3pt hitch as well has rear hydraulic lockout.

The Snow Plow has dual hydraulics and hoses that are less than a year old.

The 33 tiller extender is missing the extender bar.

Tractor $1500
Tiller $400
Tiller Extender Kit $100
Lift Bar for Tiller or Sleeve Hitch $75
Rear PTO $200
Sleeve Hitch $200
3 Pt Hitch $500
Plow $600


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