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JD 314 Main Bearings...question

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My crankshaft moves freely inside its main bearings, I noticed this when I pulled the bearing plate and it came of really easy. Shouldn't the bearing be a pressure fit on the shaft? What should the inside diameter of the bearings be?
When I measured the bearing in the plate it is: 1.573". I'm thinking this might be too big....anyone know what the diameter should be?
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Mark ,the bore of the is max 1.5753 and min is 1.5749.hope this is what you wanted to know.David
Alright, so assuming my diameter is undersize by .0015", what kind of effect will this have on my performance? Should I scrap the crankshaft? Is there anything I can do to fix this? I'm assuming the inside diameter of my bearings are worn as well. Does anyone know what the inside diameter of these main bearings should be? Currently my main bearings are reading at 1.573" also.
Mark, according to JD Parts, the I.D. for the bearing is 1.575

Hmm, sounds like my micrometer might be causing unnecessary worry. Well if that's the case then I should be alright.
MARK ,the bearing book calls for bearing bore 1.5748max and i.5743 min shaft diameter,1.5753 max and 1.5749 min . and if you find your bearing fit is small ,there are ways to repair this ,its called metal spray ,chrome don,t work .as it tends to get smaller with age. David
Anyone know the procedure for replacing the steering shaft bushing on an LX188? I am a little stumped as to how best to go about this. Don't want to mess anything up in the process. Personal experience or a manual or u tube how-to is what I need.
Steven basically you take the steering system apart and put the new bushing in. If you want specific directions you need to look at a service manual. It will give you step by step exactly what you need to do and look for. Roger
A quick look at the illustrated parts breakdown for the LX188 (PC2317) on the JDParts website suggests to me:
1. remove the steering wheel.
2. disconnect the drag link.
3. remove the four bolts and nuts on the lower bracket.
4. drop the steering gear out of the tractor.
5. remove the cotters holding the splined parts together.
6. Pull the splined parts apart.
7. Inspect, repair, replace worn parts as needed.
8. Lube all the rubbing parts.
9. Reassemble.

Don't know what's in the maintenance manual on this, as I don't have one (or an LX188). But I'll bet it's close to the above, assuming that there is a procedure there.

In short, look the parts breakdown over, look the job over, and have at it. Splines may be rust-frozen; if so, soak them in a good penetrating oil like 1/2 each acetone and trans fluid, and use a press if needed.

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Thanks friends. I supposed I would have to pull the wheel, and drop everything down and out of the tractor. The pinion gear is stuck on pretty good, so the advice to soak will be heeded.
I have had dozens of these LX tractors, and this is the first one I have seen with a wornout bushing.
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