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Where to buy?
I know I can use a sponsor site but mercy the shipping kills it. I just want to buy 2 bearings for one mandrel. I click on purchase for $19 then it turns into $36.
Anyone ever just go buy auto parts store bearings?
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No local-ish dealer? Last time I did a deck 2 or 3 years ago I opened the box of six I had on the shelf to discover there were only four in it. I still have no memory of ever doing a single spindle on any of my decks, but apparently I did. 馃槀

Anyway, during normal running around I popped into a still non-conglomerate owned dealer that had them on the shelf and got two.

If I recall from the first deck I did 20 years ago I think I determined that these are not replaceable with normal industrial bearings after a bunch of research.

Amazon if you are prime member might ease the pain?
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