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Ehhh, it’s like 47$ from JD, and that includes a filter. I’d buy a new one and repair the old one for a back up. Mine was ingesting air at the inlet bleeder screw and causing it to run rough, lose rpm etc after about 30minutes. I replaced just about everything fuel related all the way to the injector pump before I figured it out. Plus I had the radiator rodded out because I thought it was overheating. It runs like a top now, haha. I may have the injectors calibrated since everyone says that makes a huge difference too.

Anyways, just my opinion but I always seem to do a repair and it works fine til I forget that I meant to replace it, then dies at the worst moment. It’s cheap enough to just get a new one and not have it fail on you.

Clean engine you got there, btw.
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