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I had the same problem on my 330, but not while I was mowing. I kept noticing a little fuel drip and took the left side cover off to see diesel all over the side. I noticed the output nipple was loose and I removed the fuel ine and pulled the nipple all the way out. Saw the same little groove in the end that you mentioned. I cleaned all around the filter housing and then placed the nipple back into the housing. I took a small block of wood (so I wouldn't mess up the end) and put it up against the nipple and tapped it with a small hammer. It seemed to set itself in there good and tight. It's been several hours of running since and I haven't noticed that it is coming loose again. If it does, my thought is to get an after-market filter assembly to replace it, hopefully finding it less expensive than going to Deere. I also replaced the line to the injector pump and the cheap spring clamps that were on that line. Here's hoping... :nada:
1 - 1 of 16 Posts