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My new to me '91 332 has an aftermarket, Racor filter/water seperator mounted there, maybe it had the same problem. Don't know about that.

What I do know, though, is the Racor element/bowl that came with it leaked, and the replacement filter/bowl has been hard to keep from leaking, what it took was for me to get so sick of pulling the side panel because of recurring leakage that I took the biggest pair of pliers I own (water pump pliers) and really tighten the living he daylights out of it.It was either stop leaking or break, and at the time I didn't care which.
It stopped leaking. So far. A couple hours.

Racor R12T, it is small, has a water drain, and works best with a small spacer between the housing and the mount pad for clearance for the drain.
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