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JD 400 Steering Wheel Removal?

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Open to suggestions in removing my steering wheel. I've soaked w/PB Blaster ... have it hanging from an overhead hoist ... ruined threads on the steering gear (had left the nut on to "tap" on) and now just hoping to save the wheel ... ideas? Thanks, Bryan.
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Tim/Gary ... thanks for the suggestions. I've generally used a 3-arm puller in the past, usually successfully. I've got it hangin' in the air and tried to be gentle on the threads/nut. Once I realized the top threads got trashed (had the nut on to protect), I took nut off and am still pounding on ... will take pics if I can. I'll try tapping the side and a bearing puller if I can find one. Thanks, Bryan
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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