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JD 400 Steering Wheel Removal?

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Open to suggestions in removing my steering wheel. I've soaked w/PB Blaster ... have it hanging from an overhead hoist ... ruined threads on the steering gear (had left the nut on to "tap" on) and now just hoping to save the wheel ... ideas? Thanks, Bryan.
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Just checked mine. It's gona take time for me as well. It looks like the spline on the steering wheel is aluminum. I am betting there is some pretty good corrosion in between the steel and aluminum. Some tapping and with a weeks worth of patients I hope mine breaks free. I really don't want to put a puller on it because I would probably break the back part of the steering wheel. Will let you know what I have luck with.


Your probably Going to hate me. This is probably the first time mine was off. And it was not as bad as I thought. Pb just like you. Then I used a brass bar to tap on the aluminum in the wheel and some light raps on the sides of the inner ring of the wheel. Also some rocking action. And it came off without a ton of effort. Maybe took 10 min. I have had tons of people tell me I was never going to get screws/bolts out. Just take patients and a bit of impacts here and there and it's amazing what comes apart.

Good luck
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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