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JD 56 Tecumseh Spare Parts

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I had my Tecumseh V70 re-sleeved to standard size and I am now in the process of re-assembling. I have two small hard chromed parts (next to the half-moon crank/flywheel key in the picture), same diameter as the valve stems and cam followers, but no clue where they go! Please help! Any idea where they go?
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David,they look like the locating pins that go in the block to align it with the oil pan.
Many thanks for a fast reply. I think you're right. The engineering company stripped the block to do the re-sleeving and not admitting to serious oldsheimers, this will explain why I don't recall where they come from. Over here (Johannesburg, South Africa) it is now bedtime but (God Willing) I will confirm tomorrow that's where they fit.

Thank you once again. What will I do without this forum?

Spot on! They are the locating pins.

I am a little worried that the engineering shop may have over machined the connecting rod. The big end seems a bit stiff. Otherwise, so far so good. I may complete assembly in the next few evenings. One challenge is setting the timing since I do not have a dial gauge and it requires .080 BTDC.

Any tools bought at my age (nearly 66) may not give full value! On the other hand, a good as new, overhauled Tecumseh in the 56 will probably now outlive me!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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