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JD 60 implement help

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Hello all. New member here so I have questions and not many answers for now. I am also new to JD but not new to older tractors. I have a Massey 12 and a Ferguson TO 35. I was looking at # 7's for my kids to start out on but decided to put a different color in the shop this time and found a 67 model 60. It came with a blade and a 32 snowblower and unfortunately an aluminum 6hp Tec. which I assume is a V60. It is currently not running due to a stripped plug hole so I'll need a head at least. It is a nice tractor otherwise and the original steering wheel center cap is probably worth 1/2 what I paid for the tractor and plow. My main questions for now are on the implements and the fuse panel. Since I don't know how they mount I don't know if everything is there. I have the bracket on the front with the spring loaded release pins and I think the blade and thrower mount to it but I don't know how they lift. The fuse panel is in the large box of extra parts that came along but I don't know where it goes. If anyone has some pics from different angles of a snowblower and a blade mounted or unmounted I could see what I may be missing and then either buy or make what I need. A pic of the fuse block would also be helpful. I found a VH60 head on E-Bay. Will that work on my aluminum motor or is there a helicoil deal that works to fix my stripped plug hole?
Sorry for all the ?? right off the bat. As I learn maybe I'll be able to give some answers.
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Got another head and fixed the plug problem. I figured out how the plow goes on but I'm still unsure on the snowblower. If anyone has any pics son that I could see if I'm missing anything I'd greatly appreciate it.
Good luck with your project. I have a 70 but no implements. Not many people use or talk about the implements on these lawn tractors.

Did you search any previous threads ??
In the unlikely event you don't get any help here there are a couple of user manuals for that snowblower for sale on flea bay right now.

Whenever I get a new implement, I try and find an original manual for it. Nothing like reading the fascinating manual.
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Good advice Rob. I got one of those manuals and it showed me what I need to know. If anyone else needs info. on it I can send a photo. I see I don't have the idler pulley setup. If anyone has one they are willing to sell I'd be interested. If not I'll have to make it. Let me know.
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