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JD 65 RE rider

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A JD 65 rear engine rider is for sale near me. By no means do I need this : ) I can't find any info on this model? So far it sounds like it has a Tecumseh motor in it. Seller says it does not run. From the pic it looks in decent shape. What can you guys tell me about this bad boy? Seller is looking to get $150.00 Thanks
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Actually the 65 rider belongs in the Late Model forum - the only rear engine rider that can be discussed in this section is the 55, 56, and 57 rider. The 65 rider is discussed in the Late Model Forum.

That said, the 65 rider was made in the mid to late 70s and was part of the 65, 66 and 68 rider series. The 65 had a 5 hp Tecumseh engine and a chain driven transaxle. $150 is high for a non-running 65, in my opinion.
I had one given to me and replaced the gear box sprocket on it and gave to a neighbor lady. When she moved she asked if I wanted it back and I said no thank you. Roger
It is definitely easy to get on and off of. Would be great for a small yard. I've bought running model 68s for less than $100 and they are a better mower.
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