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Jd 70 engine

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I clean the 70 up and the engine on the front is 6 hp, on the right side it has tecumsch product co. and vm14070433r (c). Can anyone tell me what I have ron
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Ron the TVM140 was the last of the repower engines that were available for the John Deere 60 and 70.
Last sold in 2007 I believe.
I came real close to buying one a few years back from a guy that had one new in the box.
I have a JD 60 with a shortblocked engine and I was wondering if you would know what the model and specs #might be because the engine used the factory engine shrouds.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
The model number was VH60 but I have no idea what the spec numbers are. V = vertical, H = heavy duty, and 60 = 6 HP. At this time in the tractors life I doubt if it is still the original engine so pictures might help. Many were replaced when they blew up with VH70s or VH70 short blocks in the 1970s. Roger
It has been replaced with a VH70 short block but I don't know what the spec # is because the factory shroud is on the engine.
If anybody knows it would be appreciated.
Dan I have a VH70 short block so I will try to look up the number later. I know it starts with SBV***. If you tractor has a short block it should have a tag that starts the same with SBV and some numbers. Usually 3 numbers and sometimes a letter. Roger
Vh70 SPEC 135800 or135800a. I need to double check mine, but that should be correct.
Short block replacement I believe is
SBV 231.
VH engines had cast iron blocks. I have one VH70 in my 60 and a spare engine. The serial number of my spare engine goes into the 80's. I don't know from that point if aluminum block engines were offered. And the engines were mounted in the frame at an angle favoring the RH side , I think.
Dan, The SPEC number on the tin applies to the original engine only. If you think your engine has been short blocked then look for an ID tag identifying the specific short block number. On most of the blocks I have seen the tag is attached by one of the bolts securing the engine base flange. The SBV 231 (VH 70) cast iron short block was the one recommended by John Deere once the model 70 went into production. Prior to that there had been a VH 60 short block available but I do not remember what the SBV # was for it. With a short block you would use the SBV number to look up internal engine parts. You would use the original SPEC number to look up any parts that would have been transferred to the short block (flywheel, ignition, carb, etc).
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