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Jd 70

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Ok can anyone help me out here . I picked up a model 70 with 34 deck today.All complete minus a broken rod and the fuel tank. My question is the serial number is T2011 059729M from what I can find the last number of the 70s is 58292 Can anyone explain this or help me out. Is it a 70? and what year is it?
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It is a 70 with a incorrectly stamped serial number most likely. Do you have a picture of the serial number plate and the tractor? That would help clarify the question. Roger
From the chart in the "FAQ" section, I found model 70, serial numbers 056001-065000 listed as 1974. Hope this helps.

engine has the square starter on it if that helps any with the year
Steve I think Tom answered it. There are other mistakes in the Model Info pages also. Another example is the Model Info says 200 series tractors got electric PTO clutches 2 years before they did. My 1973 also has a square starter. You have a nice tractor but not because of its serial number. Roger
Not fair. I don't think you should have two such nice tractors. I think you should export the 70 to me here in South Africa where I have not come across any model 70 tractors. It will help sort out the serial number issue.

Just kidding! Enjoy your toys!!
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