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JD Deck lift lever spring

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I have just about completed a total restoration on of my 100 and took what I thought was a very complete set of pictures while taking it apart. Just one problem, can anyone provide a picture of the correct way the spring attaches to the other parts on the lever arm that you use to raise and lower the mower deck. I feel pretty dumb right about now since I cannot figure it out. The parts book and service manual are not too clear on the correct way to mount it. Maybe I was just too tired last night at midnight to figure it out. Any help will be greatly helpful.
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Dennis, don't know if this photo will help, but as I recall the spring is used as a depth stop. The picture shows where the loop or eye mounts. The open end should locate in any of the notches.
If you are asking about the spring in the top of the lever, we can help with it also.
This picture is from a 70, but the 100 is the same I think. I didn't take any photos of that part of the 100.

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Thank you for the picture. By the looks of your picture, I think I might have installed it the wrong way and I will try it tonight. If I can not get it, I will take a picture and post it so someone might be able to assist me. Thanks again for your assistance.
Boy do I feel like a fool. I thought the spring was attached to the bottom of the deck lift lever as a spring assist lift and not as a height limiter. I sure am learning as I go. I should have the 100 completed by this weekend and will post pictures. THANKS to everyone that replied to my questions about the restoration.
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