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This weekend I tackled a project for the 318. Ive had a fair amount of squeaking in the front axle. Quite annoying.
So I came up with a fix that would eliminate this for good.

First I removed the front axle, checked the pushed in bearings, and checked the bolt for any wear, check bolt for any tolerance difference.... while I had it out I noticed there was hardly any grease on the pivot bolt.
This is the first sign that would cause this squeak.
I drilled a ¾” hole approx 3/8 deep and then a ¼-28 hole in the center of the previous hole I drilled.. it was tapped and a grease fitting was installed.. don’t forget to add grease to bolt before you install it back in.
Once the axle is in and the bolt and nuts are back on, you can go ahead and grease this section. Pump till grease comes out the sides. Now this section is all set.

The next part to this was to take some (UHMW) ultra high molecular weight plastic and cut a piece to fit on top of the bolts that adjust the side to side movement in the axle.. since it is originally metal on metal that moves up and down the plastic will take the wear.

Take the (2) side to side bolts out. Chuck it in the drill press. Drill an 8-32 hole a ½” to ¾” deep and then tap. Cut the plastic to size. Drill a hole In the plastic so the bolt head is recessed. Next is to drill a hole perpendicular to the previous one in the plastic so when you put the grease fitting the grease can work its way down the hole..
Attach to the top of the bolt and install. Make adjustments so the axle has very little play side to side and isn’t tight when it moves up and down.
Grease these 2 sections. There should never be any more squeaking. Periodically check all grease fittings on front end.








can someone here help me add these photos to the page so everyone cans see.. ill add photos of the parts on the tractor once i figure out what im doing wrong.

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Ben, that looks like a good fix for that annoying squeak. I guess I'm just lazy I just squirt a little grease on the bolt heads. I've been adding grease zerks to the pivot bolts for quite some time now that is something that should have been done from the factory but they seem to last a lot of years without them.

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some tractors had replaceable wear plates and for those maybe some UHMW would be better than steel

that is a good mod to do regardless and allows more area to be used than just a bolt head
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