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JD140 Assembly Order. Factory Assembly

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This may be a long shot to even ask, although I'm curious if there is a known "factory" assembly-line, parts assembly order sequence.

<u>Such as;</u>
Obviously the frame comes first. What is the next piece, and so-on.

Reason I ask is to avoid the headaches of installing out of sequence and having to remove something to install something that should have gotten installed before it. And most of all putting my 140 back together without scratching everything up.

Is there something like a parts assembly sequence sheet?

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Hi Scott,

When I got the 140 and knew I had to take out the engine, the chainfall was my first purchase. What a back saver. I even used it to put the canopy on my truck.
The first time I pulled the K321 was with a come-a-long. And the last!! That's when I ordered the chain-hoist.
It doesn't make sense to NOT have one. Why kill yourself?
k b
I use an automotive engine hoist. it also works great for moving attachments, and getting them in and out of my truck

I considered getting an engine hoist years back. It was more convenient to borrow a friends at the time. But, I'm pretty much set-up good now that I got the chain hoist. I should have gotten one YEARS ago.

I mounted an electric winch up near the peak of the garage and use it to lift mowers for sharpening and deer for skinning. Pulling engines is so easy as is changing tires on the light stuff. I've thought about rigging up a lift for push mowers so that they stay straight and I can get them up where I need them to be to stay off the floor.


That's using your head. The winch is a versatile tool to have also. And I can relate to hanging deer. The big ones take some muscle if hanging by hand. I'm guilty!!

Edward H. Lincoln

I use a note book and write down a complete log as I take the tractor apart. I also record bolt size, length, and type of washers. It can be put back together in reverse order.

Someone's on the right topic. That's a good plan. Unfortunately I sort of dove in to tearing my 140 apart. I did however bag-n-tag for easy assembly.

By the way, I notice you also are in Wa State. Where abouts? I'm on the soggy coast.

Roger Henning

This is what I use most of the time. It is a home built 75% scale engine hoist and will basically do anything I need it to. Made it smaller so the neighbors can't borrow it to change engines in their vehicles. Roger

I thought the stand looked a bit small. Then again, good plan to fend off the neighbor. Hehe.
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