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JD140 H-1. Upgrade to H-3 questions

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I tried a search in the archives, tho nothing come up. I'm sure that I'm not the first to ask about this conversion.

I have a 1969, JD140 H-1 that I want to upgrade to H-3. However, I do not have a manual for this tractor. I DO have a manual for my 1971, JD140 H-3 that I've been looking in about the hydraulics so I can get an idea of what will be needed.

My H-1 is currently stripped down to the bare frame as I prepare for a full restoration. I'd like to get it converted to an H-3 in the process, before anything gets painted.

I have a 3-spool valve, so now I need the levers, and left front hydraulic lines to close the loop and make everything operational. I'm not sure if I need any other hydraulic lines. Here's the valve. http://1drv.ms/1xuHinp

I'm hopeful someone who has done what I am wanting too, will chime in and share their wisdom.

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Your input helps, KB. Least I know the 3-spool will work.
The differences of the two year/models I have look to be different rear-ends/transmissions only.
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