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JD300 - hydrostatic towing

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Hello everyone,

I have enjoyed reading posts on this site for quite a while and have already learned a lot, but now I really need your help.

A friend was tending my lawn last week while I was away for work, and the tractor quit running (due to a fouled spark plug as I learned earlier today).

Problem is, he tried getting the tractor back into the garage by towing it, but he didn't turn the towing/operating valve at the base of the seat.

After replacing the spark plug and firing up the engine, I learned that I have no hydraulics: no forward/reverse, no up/down on the mower deck.

What happened? Is this going to be an expensive fix? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Rob, a lot depends on how far and how fast it was towed. But moving more than a few yards or more than a slow walk can definitely cause damage.

But before you start taking things apart make sure the input shaft to the hydro is turning with the engine running. A sheared pin at either end of the drive shaft will give you the same symptoms.
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