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JD300 - hydrostatic towing

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Hello everyone,

I have enjoyed reading posts on this site for quite a while and have already learned a lot, but now I really need your help.

A friend was tending my lawn last week while I was away for work, and the tractor quit running (due to a fouled spark plug as I learned earlier today).

Problem is, he tried getting the tractor back into the garage by towing it, but he didn't turn the towing/operating valve at the base of the seat.

After replacing the spark plug and firing up the engine, I learned that I have no hydraulics: no forward/reverse, no up/down on the mower deck.

What happened? Is this going to be an expensive fix? Thanks in advance for your help!

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Thanks for the comments and help so far. While I'm still a bit nervous about what I'll find, and the potential for damage is real, I'm hoping that things might still be salvageable.

Several years ago I replaced the coupling that joins the driveshaft with the pump shaft with the JD recommended retrofit kit. I'll inspect that to see if it may have become loose, but I'm thinking that it should still be OK.

Earlier today I spoke with a local JD service rep, & he suggested that one of the bypass valves may have become stuck open. He suggested I raise the rear wheels off the ground & try running the trans in 1/4 forward & reverse to see what happens. At the same time I'll check the shaft coupling.

FWIW, the tractor was towed about 25 yds at what I presume was a fairly slow speed. See what happens...

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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