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Hi, have a problem that has developed recently, at start up my 318 wants to race at full throttle for a couple of seconds before settling in to the desired speed. It seems to be worse when engine is warm. I have gone over the governor and dash pot settings per the repair manual but nothing was out of spec. This is an 84 318 with the B43G. Engine has roughly 1600 hrs but was re-ringed and valve job performed at 1400 hrs. Engine has Kirk ignition coil, tall air filter mod and the heads have been milled .110 and it runs extremely strong. The notoriously bad intake manifold has also been sealed with permatex. One other possibly related quirk would be that it also likes to surge when unloaded. Once the mower deck is engaged that disappears though. I somewhat attribute this to carb likely needing re-jetted with the higher compression. Any ideas on where to look would be appreciated.
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