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JD70 compared to JD100

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My little JD 100 runs great now but I want to be better prepared for the future. I got a very interesting offer for a JD 70 (mostly disassembled).

In my opinion there are several parts compatible and exchangeable between the 70 and the 100:

- Gearbox ?
- Mower deck ?
- PTO / clutch ?
- Tires / Wheels ?
- Steering wheel ?
- Fenders ?
- The engine might be different. Kohler vs B&S

Am I right?

Best from Germany, Jolanda
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The 60 and 70 all had Tecumseh engines VH60 6.hp in the 60 and VH70 7.hp in all the 70 they did not use or have any Kohler engines. The Tecumseh engines are hard to find parts here also.
Mitchell, thank you very much! I got a JD 70 built in 1970 in a very good shape now. Everything is original also the Tecumseh 7 hp engine. Will try to start it in the next days.
need help.im restoring a 1973 70 and i cant for the life of me get this darn steering wheel off so i can remove the tower..i have soaked it in brake fluid,wd40,pb blaster and beat the heck out of it not to mention used every puller you could imagine..is there a way to remove the shaft from the steering box? and if so how? i have removed the lower cap and bearing but dont see how to remove it..the steering wheel is perfect and i dont want to mess it up..any ideas? thanks
Shane, which version of the steering wheel is mounted? Can you post a picture please?

Best Jolanda
Unfortunately you cannot remove the steering gear axle without dropping it out from the bottom of the housing. That is not possible with the steering wheel attached. Steering wheel removal issues are fairly common and if you use the Search function (located in the yellow band near the top of this web page) you can read about others techniques for removing stubborn steering wheels. Most involved using some sort of puller and applying some taps to the steering gear axle with a mallet while lifting up on the steering wheel. If you don’t have a puller someone had posted a link to http://cubfaq.com/steeringremove.html with yet another technique. Care must be taken to avoid damaging either the wheel or the gear box. BTW, I realize that you’re new to this forum but when asking an unrelated question it is probably better to start a new thread.

Looks like you have been bit by the collecting bug (good luck with that). The 60, 70 and 100 tractors all shared the same basic design and attachments. However, JD was fond of making minor design changes throughout a product run of a particular model so it is best to spend time in JDParts comparing which parts are truly the same. All three models could use the same attachments although I believe there may be clearance issues when attempting to use an early model 32 snowblower on a model 100. All three used the Peerless model 1206 transaxle, tire/rim size was the same however the 100 front wheels had bearings whereas the 60/70 had bushings, upper PTO cone/race on the 60/70 was different than the one used on the 100 (but based on your past experience that probably won’t matter to you), at least three different steering wheel designs were used throughout the series and only the model 60 style will not interchange. Rear fender on the early model 60 was mounted differently to facilitate easier access to the secondary drive belt. The list goes on. Finding parts for the Tecumseh engines is difficult even over here, especially compared to the Briggs.
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It will be a big help to you in you get acquainted with the JD parts web site. These old tractors are in there.
Bob, you are right. I think I got the collection bug. ;-)

My JD 70 (bought 4 weeks ago) is in a very good and original shape. The Tecumseh VH70 started after the second turn of the key. But I have also an issue by removing the steering wheel....
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