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Johm Deere 108 Carb parts

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Hi - I am a new owner of a John Deere 108 mower. It has a Briggs 8 horse motor and my mechanic/relative that's working on it needs a govener spring and a needle for the carb and the local small engine shop doesn't carry them. Where's a good internet site to order the parts we need to get this little guy running ?
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i would check the john deere dealer.you will be surprised what is still available.
Any small engine shop can order the parts if you give the engine numbers. I wouldn't stock parts for a 30 year old tractor but would know where to get them. I am sure they do also. For what its worth you are in the wrong forum as your tractor is considered a late model and that would be the correct place for this post. Roger
I just bought a carb kit from Carquest and it was correct for the engine. They have a catalog called powerline that shows many engine and fuel system parts. You will need to tell them the year of the engine and give them the serial number.
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