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John Deere 140 No spark

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Ive got an early i believe John Deere 140. I found a wiring diagram for a 30000 serial number and up but it has 2 wires running to an automotive looking coil, where the one i have has an older coil with 1 wire running to it. I would go get the serial number but its late and its out in the shop...

Ive got no power to the coil when i turn the key on, but when i crank the engine i do get power pulsing to that wire. Would that suggest a bad coil? or should the coil have more constant power.
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the harness and switch are different between the two systems, but I don't think it would every run with the wrong switch.
you do not need 12V at the coil.

I was test running a 69 I picked up by setting the key to on, and jumping it with my truck, black cable to a head bolt, red cable directly to the starter.

a new ignition switch should be in the 10-20 dollar range at the dealer if you want to throw one at it, I no longer have that tractor to do any further testing for you
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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