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John deere 300 repowered pto problems

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i re powered my 300 with a vanguard 18hp but i am having pto issues it burned the original up may have not set up air gap right. bought new clutch and set air gap correct. pto runs for about 30 seconds before it stops and stalls the tractor . any ideas ? thanks Dale
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I had THE SAME PROBLEM with my jd420 re-powered with a kohler Command Pro CH740. I burnt up my clutch almost immediately. I just left the clutch off since I do not use the front PTO at all on that tractor. I did not use a kit for the re-power and the outfits that sell the new engines with kits would not sell t=me the proper washer. Tried to make my own washer but not successfully!
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I took some PTOs to a motor rewinding company in Waterloo, Iowa and had the rewound with new covering.
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