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So I have two 314's and have nothing but headaches. I bought the first one and finally got it mowing consistantly and one of the shafts in the tranny broke. I had a deck, bagger, and snow blower, so I got on CL and found just another tractor for sale. Well that one worked great until I ran it out of oil. Pretty sure I broke the rod, but haven't had time to tear it apart yet.

Well I just swapped the engine from tractor 1 with the tranny issue into tractor 2. Runs well yet and I ran it for about 2 hours to mow today without issue, or so I thought. I noticed some oil on the frame and sure enough I am low on the dipstick too. I noticed the oil right around where the points are and on the frame just below that.

Any ideas on where it is actually leaking from?
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