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John Deere 316 Restoration

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I bought this tractor brand new, I ordered it in Oct of 1977 with 3pt hitch which I am restoring as you are reading this.This was a 2 yr major to complete from nose to tail.Everything is either reconditioned to new,or it has brand new, all paint is powder coat or epoxy.Phil Barr - Clinton, Michigan
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Hello Phil
Outstanding job of your Restoration I applaud your effort's & Expertise. I just Picked up a John Deere 316. Mine is a Turd as it spent most of it's Life on the Ocean shore's of Florida and with the flaking factory Power coat paint & salt air rust has Taken over well on it. I bought it for a Project to get my Son in law into his first John Deere mine has the later Placed Onan P-218 twin cylinder engine in it. I notice some major differences in the Two 316's here being mine and yours. Mine is an Open frame Tractor with a floor pan that match's the John Deere 318. Mine is also an H-1 Hydro lever Tractor not an H-2 Like yours. Mine also only has one brake pedal unlike your's that has dual brakes. My Hydro disconnect is up under the right side of the rear fender pan above the right rear wheel where as your's seems to be right in the fender pan in front of the seat. I guess John Deere changed a few thing's on these 316's during their production run. Mine is so rough that my plan's are to get the Onan P-218 running as it is not at this Point. If it turn's out to be a Good engine I will pull it and Transform it into a Nicer Model 317 that I have a Line on that is an H-2 Tractor with the factory Optional hydraulic flow diverter valve on it. Very Nice job you should be proud of your Tractor it look's better than the day you bought it.I wont soil your Thread with my Ugly Mis-treated 316 which is a Real Eye sore compared to Your beauty but if you would like to see it, here is a link to the forum thread that it is in currently. Regards, Kurt

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"Quoted Kurt-

The 316s were the only tractor with 2 separate production runs. The early 316s were only produced for 1 year and then the 317 took their place. Your 316 was actually a production of its own that used the previous 316 designation."

Hello Jeremy
I see that the later production 316's were made from 1984-1992. The one I restored was a 1991 and had the P-218 Onan engine in it, and it was an Open frame Tractor the same as my 1983 John Deere 318 is. Prior to that being from 1984-1986 or so did they still have the Kohler single cylinder 16 Horse power engine in them as a closed Frame Tractor ? or did they have the b-43-G engine in them with the Open frame design before Deere started using the P-218 Onan engine's ? Regards, Kurt
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