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John Deere 316 Restoration

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I bought this tractor brand new, I ordered it in Oct of 1977 with 3pt hitch which I am restoring as you are reading this.This was a 2 yr major to complete from nose to tail.Everything is either reconditioned to new,or it has brand new, all paint is powder coat or epoxy.Phil Barr - Clinton, Michigan
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Oh, Phil, anxious to see it, I'm working on a 316 now. Well not right now, its been 4 to 7 deg here at night and my shop under the stars it a little cold. Hoping for warmer weather and getting it inside. I have sanded and painted the sheet and metal and right proud of it. It did not have any bends in it, other than the very front end where it needed a "bumper" to keep from hitting something. Have to buy a few parts at a time, or I won't have money for LP gas..
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