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John Deere 316 Restoration

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I bought this tractor brand new, I ordered it in Oct of 1977 with 3pt hitch which I am restoring as you are reading this.This was a 2 yr major to complete from nose to tail.Everything is either reconditioned to new,or it has brand new, all paint is powder coat or epoxy.Phil Barr - Clinton, Michigan
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Well I see the pics did not upload back to the drawing board again. Sorry.
I guess I can't post pics. WFM does not like my photos. I have resized below the 640x640 limit. No idea what to do now.
Pics are at 640 x 480 still won't load. That is what I get for being old and computer iliterate.

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My wife helped me. Well, I hope you enjoy the pics of the 316. History of the tractor goes like this: I ordered the tractor in October of 1977 and took delivery March of 1978. I ordered it with a 3pt hitch, 46" deck, 54" blade, 3pt Plow and Disc, rototiller, tire chains, and loaded tires. Used the tractor up until 2003 it had 1200 hours on it and was pretty roughed up. So, in April 2012 I decided to restore it. I finished it in 2013 end of September. The engine was completely gone thru, new crank, new cam, new rod, piston, new everything, I painted the inside of the engine block with Red Oxide Armature Epoxy paint and black gloss engine epoxy paint, the driveline Hydro has everything new or rebuilt in it. The entire tractor is either Powder coated or epoxy painted, the grill and gas tank are brand new, I converted the engine from a mechanical to electric fuel pump, also a brandnew Kohler 30mm carb, all the hydraulics are brand new. The correct seat is being made by Hapco, the seat paint is blasted and powder coated and waiting. Thanks for looking.
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Darrin, the new bigger tires are on my JD400 that I posted on here. And yes the 316 sits in a climate controlled shop with a wool blanket on it, and so do my other JD Hydros (314,318,another 400,and my 214).All of them have been restored also.
Kevin, get that 300 torn down and go for it. It took me 2yrs.
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