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John Deere 316 Restoration

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I bought this tractor brand new, I ordered it in Oct of 1977 with 3pt hitch which I am restoring as you are reading this.This was a 2 yr major to complete from nose to tail.Everything is either reconditioned to new,or it has brand new, all paint is powder coat or epoxy.Phil Barr - Clinton, Michigan
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Phil, Beautiful job! Makes me want to start cleaning my '76 300.
Phil, Not long ago my 300 was little more than a rolling frame and several totes of bits and parts. It had need taken on trade. The original owner tried to see how long it would run without oil. That was a real shame because it had always been dealer serviced and cleaned. The hydro was more dusty than anything. I had a crank, got a slightly used Kohler piston and rod and new Kohler rings. Then I dug into the parts pile. It now has a Magnum M-16 front end and magneto ignition. The oversize blower housing is still giving me fits but can be fixed. Then I'll take everything off the frame and paint it. The tractor was so well cared for, a quick power wash should do it. The only real damage was done after it blew up and was disassembled.
I still can't get over the guts a K341 has. There has to be more than a 2hp increase over my K321's.
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