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John Deere 316 Restoration

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I bought this tractor brand new, I ordered it in Oct of 1977 with 3pt hitch which I am restoring as you are reading this.This was a 2 yr major to complete from nose to tail.Everything is either reconditioned to new,or it has brand new, all paint is powder coat or epoxy.Phil Barr - Clinton, Michigan
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Good job on getting the pictures to load. One thing though is to be sure you hit your "Enter" key on the keyboard before and after each picture to get them to stack vertically. If you don't they will stack horizontally forcing the whole thread to be wide, which means we have to scroll left and right to read each post in it's entirety. I edited the pictures to place an "Enter" after each one (I like to hit the "Enter" key a couple of times to place a nice space between the pictures).
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