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John deere 318 center blade scalps

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hey guys need some help my center blade on my 318 scalps when i mow!checked heighth at blade is over an inch lower than the 2 outer blades have new blades do not believe deck is bent,i have had tractor for a few yrs now but have not mowed with it much i restored it 2yrs ago and it mainly sits in garage!if u could plz help i would appreciate it!or it would be easier if you could just email me at [email protected]!thnks
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Roy, I would be interested in how to solve this problem. I tightened the yolks up on the mule drive, but I can barley get them hooked now. This did make it better, but it is still low.
My deck is tweeked though. The pulley seems to lean forward a hair and I caught the sidewalk with a wheel and bent that up. I am not looking to get it perfect, just decent.
I would also be interested in anything that would help solve this type of problem.

thanks for the suggestions guys ill do some checking,my center pulley also tilts forward,my deck seems to be very solid when i had it off cleaned it thourougly,repainted,i have friend who has alot of experience with these mowers said something about shim kit for these ill have to check and see if that is the problem with mine as well,thanks again for the tips!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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