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Hello everyone. I have a quick question, I am wondering if there is any way that you can get the starter on an onan P218G engine to come on by hooking up some kind of wiring. 2 reasons i would like to try the starter at differn't angles to see if it needs to be shimmed and 2nd its a killer on the back taking it in and out in and out. So if some one could tell me how to hook the starter up and explain how to do it if there is alot to do so it would come on with out having to put the engine back in i would greatly appreciate it
Thanks for your time

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All you need is a cable hooked up to the starter, and a ground cable bolted to the base of the starter. The cable that is on the normal hook up of the starter would go on the POS terminal of a battery. The ground cable would go on the NEG terminal of the battery.
Bolt the NEG cable on the battery. Then just touch the POS cable to the battery to get it to turn over.
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