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John Deere 322 only runs with choke on

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I have a John Deere 322 that only runs with choke on. Compression is good (160 PSI), has good spark, new plugs. I had carb apart twice and gave a good cleaning. And still runs decent with choke all the way and as soon as taking choke off it dies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Also while gas hose was off carb I turned key on and it pumped gas out fine.

Thanks everyone....after cleaning the 3rd time it runs much better. It would only run at idle before now runs good no matter where but if you go from idle to full throttle it still hesitates at first a little. Maybe giving a 4th cleaning will take care of it.

Thanks again,
Good point....if I advance slowly it seems to be pretty good. I only notice if I take throttle from idle straight to full throttle. Tom will give that a try.

Thanks again
Glenn holes were open.

Yesterday once I got running decent I left run for about 30 minutes before putting away. Went out this evening and wont run without choke again!
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This evening I cleaned the carb again and before putting fuel line on I turned key on and very little gas came out. So then looked in tank and all kinds of stuff was floating in gas. Took tank off and emptied......pick up tube was packed full of grab and was all cracked. So now got a clean tank with new fuel line. Got to get a new fuel filter yet and fresh gas.

Thanks again for all the help.
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