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John Deere 330 engine repair question

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Just picked up a 330 and the original owner had replaced the head gasket. He could never get it running again. I tore the engine apart and it had two bent push rods. So I ordered new parts. He had the small cap inside the lifter than the push rod with some kind of a copper cup seal around it. Two of the small caps were broke so I ordered new lifters but the JD dealer has no ideal where the small cap and the seal goes and there is no parts in the diagram like that other than the cap on top of the lifter and nothing on the seal. Any ideals
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The parts appear to be the valve cap and valve stem seal. If I were you, I'd have a close inspection of the head made to verify everything is assembled correctly and that none of the valves are bent.

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Thanks for the help. The valves are ok, but maybe he didn't put the seals back together right. The heads are off and I'll take the valves out and make sure everything goes back together right. There is a couple bent push rods and everything is ok with the pistons. I'll order new seals and caps and I have everything else to put back together. I'll let you know how it works out.
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