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John deere 400 repower.

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We'll after pricing out parts for my k532, I have decided it was going to be money better spent on a repower. I have searched WFM on repowers and I am kind of leaning towards the 25HP Kohler kit from http://www.repowerspecialists.com/johndeere400.php.

The reasons that I have come up with for going that route are:
Except for the generac kit (that also looks like they don't make anymore) the kohler has the most HP.
Tons of accessories for the motor available if needed
It is the same brand john deere used.

The cost is roughly $2200 with free shipping to the US ( have a cousin that lives near boarder where I can have it sent and then I pick up). What are your thoughts on the kit/company? Is there other reasons to use another engine kit? Thank you
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The Kolher is a good engine. And you should be pleased with it. However, I would lean towards a 23hp Vanguard engine if I repower. I have 7 machines with 16/18 hp Vangaurds at work with 4000+ hours on them and have never been opened up.
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