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I have a 430 I bought in a lot of other tractor items at a barn sale. The other items I got where what i wanted, the 430 was just part of the package. This tractor has set in a barn for awhile. I brought it home installed a new starter and a new battery, tractor fired right up. Glow plugs works and engine sounds good with no smoke. It steers and drives good. Sometimes its slow in reverse, i think there is a nut that needs tightened on hydro lever. Hood and sheet metal are in good condition. Seat binding has come off so cover is falling off. The deck has been welded and missing gage wheel, it looks rough but appears to be functional. The PTO doesnt engage, i have not tested it. I dont know if its a switch, wiring or if the clutch is bad. I would like to sell unit complete, but if i cant sell it may get parted out. Im located in Rossville, Indiana. Asking $1500
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