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John Deere 70, 7hp Tecumseh Engine Issue!!

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I need help. I am trying to get my John Deere 70 with a 7hp VH70 Tecumseh engine to run correctly. Below is what I have done so far:

Cleaned and rebuilt the carb. (New float, pin, needle, seat, gaskets)
Cleaned fuel tank.
Replaced fuel lines and added a fuel filter
Removed valve cover and cleaned head.
New spark plug

After I did all of this work the tractor still would not start. I pulled the flywheel off to find that the previous owner must have tried to get the engine running and did was unable to. When they put the engine back together they did not put the flywheel key in. I purchased and installed the flywheel key, put the flywheel back on and I was able to get the engine to "start".

Now I have finally got the engine to the point where it will start up with the throttle in the slow position and will idle well. As soon as I start to advance the throttle towards the full position the engine bogs down and shuts off.

I am not sure what I am missing. It may be that the linkage is not installed correctly, or the governor lever is not set. I have the Tecumseh 3-11hp service manual but I it is not real clear on how the linkage goes and how to adjust the governor lever.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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Michael, I just went out and looked at mine. The throttle cable should pull the lever to rear and on the inside the lever should pull the the governor lever forward. The spring and rod on the governor attaches to the throttle on the carb. If the linkage is correct I would check the idle mixture screw on the side of the carb for proper adjustment and then make sure the high speed adjustment on the bottom of the float bowl is open enough to let it run in high rpm. Fine tune the high speed with that adjustment.
Do as Rick said and adjust the high speed first and then the slow speed. The reason is the idle circuit bleeds fuel of the high speed circuit. Roger
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